Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Marine List

My take on Kirb'y thunderbubble. So far has gone 4 for 4 in our local tourney, and previous variations have done nearly as well. The only thing lacking from earlier permutations was a cc element, what with 3 riflemen. Without further ado:

Lib - Null, Gate
Terminators x7 TH/SS
Tacx10 m, mm, pf, cm
tacx5 cm plasback
tacx5 cm plasback

!750 on the dot. Lets do the round-up:
31 dudes in 3+
7 in 2+/3++
11 Tanks
7 Autocannons (4TL)
4 Missile launchers
2 Lascannons
9 Heavy Bolters
1 Multimelta
2 Plasmaguns(TL)
4 meltas (3 are combi)

I lose a lot of ranged at from the pred las and the extra razors but I started meching up late, and only have 2 razors, though both have converted turrets and paint already. Honestly though, seeing how they are performing I really should scrounge up the dough to buy a few more upgrades. I don't like auto/las preds for the points, but a weapon destroyed results make for more difficult choices.Seeing as the dirt cheap dakkapreds have the anti-infantry bundled up, i opted for typhoons. 12" move and 4' range means s8 side shots, or s4 blasts and HB fire. For a turn or 2 at least.

Hammernators! Boy howdy them guys. Nothing like rolling a handful of dice, looking down, looking up and saying, "Pass". most recently, charged into some burna boys, took 6 saves at 3+, and 2 more from the claw. the game before that, into a huge straken blob. 5 sarges and a commissar, plus 45 dudes. 6 power wounds and 11 regular. *rattle* "pass". I'm normally pretty reserved, but I admit I let out a triple sky punch, and perhaps a hoot, and a clap. Someone better at math than I should come up with the odds for that one. I opted for seven, knowing that some would die, but I'm tempted to drop a claw or two in there. Something to swing at I4, maybe thin down incoming dice.

As I'm playing Fists, I'm a sucker for a full tac with Sgt. Beaky McPointyfist leading the way. Last game he got to smite a battlewagon to death before being burned and charged. They also provide the MM fire, though in the form of the bunker, rather than on the speeders. These guys are great. Unless the dice gods betray me and roll two 3's on 2d6, of hit every other melta shot.

Battle reports in brief:
annihilation vs raider/wwp DE
Seize Groundl vs straken blob guard
-Minor win (contested his objective last turn with a turbo speeder)
Capture and Control vs mech Black Templar
-minor win (contested his objective with my librarian vs one crusader in a lr)
Annihilation vs Speed freaks
-Major victory( all he had left on t6 was a trukk full of boys that he hid out of los. T7 woud've been a massacre)

And a question for comment, 0-2claws in assault terms? why or why not?

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