Monday, March 7, 2011

Army Shots

I packed all my stuff away for the weekend and realized just how much I'd collected over the 10 years I've been playing. Unpacked it all down at the FLGS to see it all laid out, and snagged a camera to document it. Individual shots could be put up on request. First off, my Crimson Fist tourney list.

Crimson Fists
More different shot

Crimson Fists
Then the rest of marines, sans my one Land Raider (like it gets used, lol)

Space Marines
Point totals will be posted later, but the head count is as follows:
HQ: Librarian, Vulkan, Pedro, Shrike, Inquisitor, Gideon Lorr, Captain(AoBR), Plasma command squad, MotF x2 w/ conversion beamer and without
Elite: 7 TH/SS Terms, 5 Tactical Terms, 3 MM Dreads, 2 Riflemen
Troops: 24 Bolters, 2 melta, 2 flamer, 8 sargents and a few heavy weapons(They got lost in the crowd, I suppose)in 3+, 5 Grey Knights, 5 scout snipers
Dedicated: 2 Rhinos, 2 Plasbacks
Fast: 2 Typhoons, 2 with MM/HF
Heavy: 3 Dakkapreds, Land Raider
There's also a squad of tacs in that count being "Promoted" into sternguard. There'll be pics later.

Working backwards, my CSM.
Spikey Space Marines

My defiler, locked in CC with the land raider in my hobby corner, didn't make it on the bus, and felt left out. Overall, these guys have been a real back burner army. After I read Stelek's "Best of" Marines list, I was hooked, and my CSM languished. I'm thinking about giving in and counting as SW or BA, but there'll be a post about that in the future as well.

Splinter Fleet: OM NOM NOM

Won a battleforce back when they had carnifexes in 'em, and played a few games. Wasn't too impressed, but I was winning with Necrons, if that tells you anything. They're my next project, complete with painting progress and escalating batreps. Can't wait!

And the army that started it all, my poor, poor Necrons

The second time they've seen the sun in 2 years. They didn't even get to play this time...

1080 points of warriors. Might bring that to a 1500 game some time. I hope the new codex comes out soon, but I've only been saying that since '08.

So there you have it, my collection laid out in full. Comment away

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