Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Begining..

A little bit about me before i dive into my blogging escapades. I've been playing 40 for the past decade, but only seriously the past 3-4 years. My brother picked up an emperor's champion a tactical and a rhino, and I got a pariah and warriors, and thought we were ready to go. Calling those an army and going for it doesn't make for a terrribly fun game. So we swapped. It went even worse for him. Fed up, he quit. Seeing as the FLGS was across town, and i didn't have any money really to get more boys, so went my last opponent. Years passed, and I got the itch, right around the Dawn of war release. I played on, building and painting a decent Necron army. My brother bought some tau, kept losing and was never heard from again...

But then, college. I had disposable time and money, and the game was on! I picked up some more cheap Necrons, ebay'd some Tyranids and Eldar and started to teach. I've taught no less than a dozen people from the ground up. of course, of those, only one has really caught on. But that one... He proved a rival for a while, and more or less trained his successor, as his scheduled filled up shortly thereafter. But still, to make war against the student of your student feels kinda cool. However explaining the entire game gets old quick, let me tell you. I taught myself the game, from just the book (not tactics mind you,but all the basics) but I guess reading comprehension is a dying art.

I won my first tourney as Necrons (GASP!) at my FLGS (friendly local game store) and got a CSM battleforce. Then I had the marines in me. Sergent upgrades? special weapons? whats all this? My first time out was a nail biter. At the end of my last game I was only leading by a hair, and my buddy was playing against my competition. He played an ace game, going for the draw to secure me a win. Had he gone all out, he might have lost, and so would've I. Playing in tourneys with your students does have its advantages.

After a narrow win with the CSM, and the limited scope of the codex, I began working on my current army, the Crimson Fists. Its been a long hard road, but when you snap up discount rhinos and split a few AoBR boxes, it adds up. In fact, 2 years later, i have a minimally painted 1750 Mech gunline, with extra toys to bulk up for larger games. Additionally, I have around 2000 points of Necrons, 1750 CSM counts as Wolves (WiP), and I'm beginning a fledgling Tyranid army. These will all get their own posts over the next week. How would it look if I posted 5 times a day, once a week? :)

Speaking of, it's up to you guys(my imaginary friends at this point) to decide what you want you  want to see here. I plan for it to be a home for links to people being stupid about 40k, posting batreps and possibly pictures of my (barely) painted models. If I'm feeling frisky, I might even try my hand at tactics. Who coined the phrase, It's like tactics"? I wanna be his friend. :3

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  1. Proud to have gotten my own mention. If you ever want me to write up some thoughts on something let me know.