Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Genestealers. The swarm grows...

I've had a chance to squeeze in a few games the past few days, and so far my genes have performed admirably. They haven't really "Blown up" so to say, and run amok across the table, but they've achieved their goals with ease. Wreck a truck, eat the boys, pop into some fire support, etc.

Genestealers x12

I've usually outflanked them, and made sure to play the mind game with the opponent about that fact. Can't hurt, might help. It can cause them to bunch up in the middle, which leaves them praying for a good fleet roll. At the same time, they can't split deploy or refuse a flank (and seeing as how I like to go second, that rarely happens). Further, it can cut the range that my other bugs have to walk to get into cc. I'm digging em.

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  1. As an additional note, gene's with 4+ cover and 4+ FNP can really give people headaches. 18 FW, 2 fireknives and 3 stealth suits only did 4 wounds, leaving me 6 to om nom his foot troops. Gogo hiveguard T1 shots.